Wednesday, November 03, 2004

"Look out, Jon Stewart ..."

I have watched the Daily Show regularly since way back. I remember the days when Craig Kilbourne would "quiz" his guests with 5 questions. When Kilbourne left the show for late-night broadcast TV, I wondered who could possibly continue the show. And I will admit, at first I doubted that Jon Stewart was the right person.

But he has done amazing things with the Daily Show, turning it into what is certainly the best fake news show on television, and living up to their old slogan - "When news breaks - we fix it!" Whether it was small-town politics, such as the mayor who skipped a town hall meeting to go to a Cher concert, or the sometimes insightful, sometimes hilarious interviews with all 9 (?) Democratic candidates in early 2004, Jon Stewart has certainly exceeded anyone's expectations.

So why does USA Today say that Jon Stewart has gone too far, has become the very thing he criticizes? They argue that Stewart has staked a position as a media critic, and has now become a "media darling" - an impossible duopoly to maintain.

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