Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Donald says "rebuild!"

In his typically over-the-top style, Donald Trump is jumping into the World Trade Center site planning and adding fuel to the fire.

In a press conference at Trump Tower yesterday, the developer said that the proposed Freedom Tower design “is the worst pile of crap architecture I've ever seen in my life.” The Freedom Tower design by Daniel Liebeskind recently hit a major snag when the NYPD expressed concern about vulnerability to a terrorist attack. Trump refered to Liebeskind's design as "a monstrous skeleton," saying that if it's built, "the terrorists win."

Trump threw his support behind a plan to use the original WTC footprints for the memorial, and rebuild the towers elsewhere on the site. The new towers would be substantially similar in appearance to the old WTC, but would be at least one story higher, making the north tower (aka Tower 1) the world's tallest building.

Governor George Pataki and Mayor Michael Bloomberg have already agreed to construct the Freedom Tower, and Bloomberg reaffirmed his support for that design, saying "...We are not going to rebuild the two World Trade Center towers." Despite this, Trump said he will continue to promote the plan, including use of the model on his television show, The Apprentice.

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