Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's about time

For months, I have been wondering when someone would call out Hillary Clinton's "experience." She has repeated claimed that she is the most experienced candidate for President, and based on most polls, people have bought it. But let's take a look at her actual experience (from her official biography at the William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum, with some additional information from CNN):
2001 to present: junior Senator from New York
1993 to 2001: First Lady of the United States
1983 to 1993: First Lady of Arkansas
1979 to 1981: First Lady of Arkansas
1976 to 1992: Attorney at the Rose Law firm (named a partner in 1979)
1975: University of Arkansas Law School faculty
1974: Staff worker assisting the House Judiciary Committee during the investigation of the Nixon administration
I, for one, have a hard time accepting that being married to someone makes you experienced at what your spouse does. Executives in the private sector are well aware of this; when was the last time your heard about the spouse of a former CEO taking over? In fact, this is a large part of the reason that so few family businesses survive, and of those that do survive, family members often recede to a more passive ownership role.
So it made me very happy to read that Barack Obama is finally calling Hillary out on this issue . "My understanding is she wasn't treasury secretary in the Clinton administration. I don't know exactly what experience she's claiming," Obama told reporters in Iowa.
It's about time.

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