Friday, June 22, 2007

What other mistakes willl John Edwards make?

As I've written previously, I do like John Edwards, but I'm starting to question whether he would really be a good president.

His admission that he made a mistake in voting to authorize the invasion of Iraq is well-known; less well known is his 2001 vote in favor of a change in bankruptcy law that consumer advocates say made it harder for families to get out of debt, about which he wrote in 2005, "I can't say it more simply than this: I was wrong."

So what are we to make of a presidential contender who is repeatedly -- by his own admission -- wrong. It would be one thing if these were relatively inconsequential or obscure votes, but these were not. The bankruptcy bill was controversial at the time, and was extensively debated, and though not as heavily debated, no one disputes the significance of the Iraq war vote.

I still like John Edwards, but if he was wrong on these important issues, what else will he get wrong?

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