Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Insight from abroad

The following is from a comment on this Gadgetopia post:

Hello, I am from Germany and probably get different informations than you get.

It is a terrible thing what happens in New Orleans at the moment. How can the wealthiest country in the world forget their own people?

Why don`t they get enough food and water to the people for five days?

Why can`t they evacuate 100.000 people in five or six days?

In many countries the USA have a problem with their reputation because of the IRAQ WAR. Your President MR BUSH seems to have special interests in OIL. And the people who voted for him were mostly white.

New Orleans doesn`t seem to have OIL nore WHITE People. It did not seem to interest him for the first three to four days. Praying is just not enough at some stage…

I just cannot imagine, that it is not possible to send s.th. to drink (coke, beer, water , whatever) and food to those people in 1 day. Why did it had to take 6 days????

You should ask your president these questions and don`t let him get away with his view to a great future.

Let me say one thing: Mr. Bush in one of the craziest COWBOYS you have ever had as a president…

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